Design Portfolio

Here is a body of work ranging from design work to illustrations.  The first five pages feature designs I created while employed at Premier Media Group.  I created designs for individual clients and set up files for print.  The next four pages feature work from Lone Star Learning.  I created digital and print illustrations used in different products sold all of the United States.  I had a lot of fun animating some of the projects.  The final five pages are all work I did on my own time.  It shows my range as a designer and an illustrator.  I’ve done projects like the Mother Goose backdrop and the Pirate Captain Morgan Series for clients.  I’ve also done personal projects that I turned into products sold at comic cons like The Hub City Comic Con and the Lubbock Comic Con.  My art work has been displayed in local galleries that are on the First Friday Art Trail and at Alamo Drafthouse movie premiers.

These animations were created in Adobe Animate and the art was created in Adobe Illustrator.  They are all a part of the “Featured Product” email and Facebook campaign.  They were animated to gain attention quickly and to keep the email recipient engaged in the email.  The goal was to get them to click the link provided to get traffic to the Lone Star Learning store front and increase sales.  Product awareness was key in deciding how these should be animated.  Each of the products are animated with a QR code on each card or poster to be scanned and view the animation on a smart device like a phone or a tablet.  The animations for these products is something I dreamed up while working on creating some of the art.  I knew that when I was a kid if I had animations to look at, then I might learn better.  I’ve always been a visual learner and I have a passion for others that learn the same way, which lead to the creation of these animations.



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